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Recruitment -
We are Leaders in providing recruitment and Manpower solutions.
We are empowering students,
colleges and companies with our
tailor made solution in the field recruitment and Hr services.
Consulting -         
we provide Technology consulting
services in the field of Biotechnology,Bioinformatics,
IT,Telecom and Retail  etc. 
Skip to content home careers contact us privacy and cookies individuals health insurance health assessments self pay treatments dental and cash plans care homes travel insurance health information business intermediaries healthcare professionals members careers eap online united kingdom change bupa members area you are here:  home health information health directory health topics - b bile duct cancer bile duct cancer information faqs resources this section contains answers to frequently asked questions about this topic. Questions have been suggested by health professionals, website feedback and requests via email. How would i know if i have been infected by a liver fluke parasite? If i have surgery for bile duct cancer, how long will i need to stay in hospital? If bile duct cancer can't be cured, what will happen? How would i know if i have been infected by a liver fluke parasite? Answer you can only get a liver fluke infection if you visit certain countries and eat raw fish while you’re there. If you have the infection, you will have symptoms. Explanation the two main types of liver fluke parasite that are linked to bile duct cancer are: clonorchis sinensis – this is present in china, hong kong, korea and japan opisthorchis viverrini – this is found in thailand, laos, and west malaysia the parasites live in your bile ducts and can cause inflammation and scarring in your bile duct. This can increase your risk of developing bile duct cancer. You usually get liver fluke parasites from eating raw or poorly cooked fish. You’re unlikely to get this infection unless you visit parts of the world where the parasite is common and eat raw fish while you’re there. Symptoms of an infection may appear several months after you get the parasite. These can include: severe abdominal pain swollen abdomen a fever feeling sick diarrhoea loss of appetite and indigestion symptoms of a chronic infection include jaundice and anaemia. If you're concerned that you have, or have had liver fluke infection, speak to your doctor. If i have surgery for bile duct cancer, how long will i need to stay in hospital? Answer it depends on how far the cancer has spread, which of your organs the cancer has affected and what type of surgery you w. viagra for sale buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online cheap viagra buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online buy viagra buy cheap viagra canada generic viagra online buy viagra online  
We Provide Intelectual property(IP) services.
 We Provide web designing and Application based software
development services.
Training -
We provide Training services in the field of HR services to boost up the sales,Marketing and Hr services in organisation.
we also provide Technology Training to Hr personals in the field of Biotechnology,Bioinformatics
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IT,Telecom and Retail  etc. 


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  Customer Speak :
Gene Hire  is a highly pofessional organisation and providing quality services.It provide value for money service at just in time.It has unmatched quality services in the field of recruitment and hiring services.I strongly recomend its services to any organisation.
                                                                            Srilata   IBM                                                     
Gene Hire  posses global experties in different domains,provide seemless and quality recruitment services in lifescices verticals.They understand our culture and needs.we strongly recomend its servics for lifescience domain. 
                                                                           Pradeep (COO)
                                                               Synergy Biotechnologies Ltd
Gene Hire is working as a connecting link between industry,colleges and students.It is first of its kind in india which provide services in lifescience and pharmaceutical stream.we wish him good luck and recomend for its hiring and placement services.
                                                                              Dr D K Das